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All grantees are required to submit reports and financial statements annually.  This is a key means of providing confirmation that you have spent your grant funding in accordance with your funding agreement.  It also helps us to understand the impact of your work and identify key learnings to inform our Grants Program.

The Grants Evaluation Report template provided below can be used for both interim and final reports.

If your grant is less than $150,000 p.a. you will only need to provide a certified financial statement.  If your grant is greater than $150,000 p.a. you will also be required to submit an audited financial statement.  These requirements are detailed in your funding agreement.  

For grants that have multi-year funding, upon receipt of your interim report and financial statement/s we will hold a meeting to discuss your progress and plans for the coming year.  Please provide us with your updated project plan and budget for the year ahead prior to this meeting.  Your next round of funding will be released after this meeting, subject to Grants team approval. 

It is important to advise the Grants team of any concerns, changes or delays impacting your project as soon as possible; please don't wait until your scheduled reporting time. 

We also love to hear about your successes, upcoming events and media coverage so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to share your news.

Reporting templates and resources: 

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