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The Grants Program has conducted three themed funding rounds that have concentrated support around a particular important legal issue. This has proved a successful strategy contributing to long term systemic and policy changes.

Advancing housing justice: The opportunity for legal services to improve access to housing

This 2024 report explores the legal issues associated with Victoria’s housing crisis, and recommends that the VLSB+C prioritises a new grant round focused on housing justice.

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Keeping Women Out of the Justice System

This priority-funding theme of our grants program responded to rising rates of women’s incarceration in Victoria. Over five years, we provided $5 million to seven innovative projects.

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Health-Justice Partnerships

Health Justice Partnerships (or HJPs) integrate legal assistance as an integral element of the health care team. They require the development of a sophisticated partnership between the legal and health professions and their organisations to jointly address the health and social circumstances which often manifest in the form of legal needs.

In 2014, HJPs were a new way of delivering legal services and we made it a priority to fund more of these projects; allocating $2.6 million across 12 new HJP projects.

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Prevention of Violence Against Women

Since 2011, a total of 16 projects have shared in over $3 million of funding to address violence against women. The work that was funded has had collective impact on influencing policy and practice around this important theme.

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Other Important Project Outcomes

Links to more reports on the important work by our grantees over the years.

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Celebrating 10 Years, 2007-2017

Learn about the Grants Program and how it’s influencing policy and reform and changing lives through this 11 page report. 

Celebrating 10 Years (2007-2017)


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